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1 Rink, 2 Days, 3 Steps

Ice Rink Shovel

Step 1

Clear Area of Snow

Ice Rink Membrane

Step 2

Install Membrane and Flood to Desired Level

Works on most uneven surfaces

Ice Rink Border

Step 3

Install Unique Ice Border and Fill with Water
How it works

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Dad’s Rink Kit was created by a Dad who spent years flooding his backyard, perfecting the outdoor rink for his three kids. His mission is to provide families with a safe and easy way to stay active this winter.

Dad’s Rink Kit allows you to build your own backyard ice skating rink with our all-in-one Rink Kits.


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Heavy duty clear plastic membrane to make the ice surface


Unique clear poly tube ice border

Proudly Made In Canada
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